Saturday, February 11, 2012

QOTD: I "noodle" everyday

I've been told by my family that I am crazy so often that I am quite immune to them. In fact, the point that they aren't quite sane either makes me care even less. But when I heard similar comments recently coming from my friends, some new and some old, it gave me some food for thought. To me, Jennifer is a pretty old-school, normal name and I wondered if it was an appropriate name for me or if there was something better.

Me:      Mom, do you think Lulu is a more appropriate name for me?

Mom:   What? Noodle*? Yes, you "noodle" all day everyday anyways.

Me:      Noodle?!? You think Noodle is an appropriate name for me??!

*I LOVE to eat noodles, even more than rice. I could have noodles three meals a day and I would love it.
Dream. Come. True.
But it still makes no sense as a name in my opinion unless my last name is Soup or Combo.

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