Thursday, January 31, 2013

QOTD: Hair accessories

My sister graduated a couple of months ago. After her ceremony, my sister's friend, Hong (male, mid-late twenties), dropped by our house to hang out. It had been an arduous day (hey, running around a campus on top of a mountain in 4 inch heels is not easy) and I was determined to spend the afternoon as comfortable as possible. Which meant pajamas and clipping my bangs back with a special velcro meant for hair. (It catches all the hair but does not dent or change how your hair is styled). This caused some confusion for Hong.

Hong:  (staring at me)
            Hey, do you mean to have that black thing on your hair?
Me:      ...
            Yes. It's to hold my hair back
Hong:  Oh, cause I was wondering why you had duct tape on your hair.
Me:      It's velcro.