Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's about time - the girls' night out is BACK‏

(I just really really loved the subject of the email you sent out Sherry.)

So last Saturday, we had another (not so) crazy potluck gathering at Sally G's hot apartment. When I say hot, I mean temperature-wise, not cool and stylish. (One mini fan cannot supply enough wind for a two bedroom apartment) Please note that all the shininess in the following pictures is actually sweat from cooking in a kitchen on a thirty something degree day.

Technically it was not a girls' night out as Jessica's bf, Jerry, joined us (to our greatest delight). He is SUCH a great cook, we are now trying to find a way for him to be a permanent part of our gatherings. Sherry had brought a fresh sockeye salmon (caught by her cousin-in-law) which had us super excited until we realized none of us knew and wanted to deal with it. Then we remembered Jerry was coming ...

(The girls are actually surrounding Jerry who is dealing with the salmon. Yes, it is THAT fascinating)

(Clockwise from left: best stewed pig's feet - Jerry, sushi - Sherry, potato croquettes - Daisy, stir-fried veggies - Sally, pumpkin green bean mushroom soup - Muzi)

(Leftover sushi fillings made into a salad)

(Best dish of the night: stewed pork 东波肉 - Jerry)*

(Saltiest dish of the night: scrambled eggs with salted turnip - Sally)**

(Salmon cooked in a cointreau marinade - Jerry)

(Jerry feeding the poor. It was funnier in action; he was knocking the spoon against the side of the pot)

(The elegant Sally G as always. That is a piece of stewed pig's feet in her mouth by the way.)

*I have been craving it everyday now after last Saturday.

**It is so salty that you feel your organs crying out. Sally not only did not wash the turnip, she added salt to the eggs. For those who do now know: you need to wash and soak the turnip and do not need to add salt. I woke up on Sunday with a face so swollen my mother almost did not recognize me.

Best quote ever from Sally after we asked her if she made the dish often: "No, it's just my second time. It was really salty the first time too."

(I was on Main St. in the morning and caught a parade that was going by.)


  1. Thank you for the title credit :) anddddd hahaha I see the salty turnip really turned you off Jen!! muhahahaha

  2. You're welcome~~ Yea, the extreme saltiness was just not cool. I actually love salted things, I just don't like eating things that taste like I'm eating salt.