Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last Friday (August 13th), before I knew it, I had done two hours of manual labour in the sun. My parents had previously gone blueberry picking a couple of weeks ago with great results that I enjoyed everyday for a week. When my supply ran out, I began badgering my parents to go again.

Friday afternoon, my mom calls me and tells me we are going that night. My original plan was to stay in the car while they picked and then head out for dinner together. Its a well known fact that I hate manual labour. HATE. I would probably avoid exercise except that I need it.

Yeah ... somehow after my scheduled run to Starbucks for a free smoothie, things just took a detour. I blame it on competitiveness that I ended up being in the burning sun and walking around in knee high weeds with hands covered in blueberry stains and dirt for two hours.

I never understood why people liked to go pick fruit so much. Now I understand.


You sweat the entire time. Squat for more than half. Arms are working too. And after all that exercise? You get blueberries the size of cherries.

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