Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

The year of the Tiger has finally come to an end (and hopefully my bad luck as well) and the year of the Rabbit has arrived. Chinese New Year is one of my favourite celebrations because it is basically a non-stop eating marathon. Daikon cakes, fried sweet dumplings, and abalone with chinese mushrooms-its hard to stick to a strict diet with these temptations in your face. My mom tells me not to eat so much (or at least not so frequently) on the regular so I was kind of irked when I saw this decoration (on the left) hanging on my bedroom door a couple of nights ago. I thought that she might have been trying to send me a message implicitly.

With her usual contradictory behaviour, my mom made me realize that the decoration was more appropriate in representing her. I found her eating a bucket of ice cream one night at 10:30pm. Yes, she was not finishing the last two spoons of ice cream. There was enough ice cream for three double scoop waffle cones. And no, she was not crying over her broken heart.

Just a little reminder not to over-indulge. Happy Chinese New Year!

(image from me)

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