Monday, February 21, 2011

Currently Loving: French food

Have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The movie with Johnny Depp in it? There's a scene with Mike TV where there is this machine which can break up things into little particles which are then transmitted through the air to reappear on the tv. You can then reach into the tv and grab the object.* I really pray that one day this will really be invented. And then I can just grab fantastic French food off my computer screen.

My heart was beating really fast when I watched this video. I think I am in love.**

*I love Ronald Dahl. I have read and watched all versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory several times.

**With the FOOD. The scenes with the duck were just ... (blush)

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  1. I also watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory several times. Tim Burton is a very talented and inventive artist.

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