Saturday, January 1, 2011

QOTD: Korean BBQ

For NYE, my friends M, SH, and I went to a neighbourhood korean restaurant to eat. You were responsible for putting yourself on the waitlist and M ordered me to do it. The little devil on my shoulder made me put down "Fat Moo - Table of 3" and waited to watch the scene unfold.

Waiter: "FAT-TO MOO! TABLE FOR 3!"
Waiter: "... Just wait, Fat-to Moo? Is this right?"
M: "Yes."
Waiter: "Oh, so Fat-to Moo? Who is that? Is that you?"
M: "Yes."
Waiter: "Oh, I am so sol-li." (spoken in a very sympathetic tone)

SH and I laughed so hard we just collapsed into the booth.

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